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Looking for a reliable UPS dealer in Kerala? Look no further than Autopower. We offer a wide selection of UPS from top brands like UTL and AVO, at competitive prices. We also offer free home delivery on orders over ₹10,000.



 ➤ Online Double Conversion UPS (VFISS 111): Provides pure sine wave output and complete isolation   from input power disturbances.

 ➤ Transformer Isolated Inverter: Ensures galvanic isolation for superior protection against ground faults and common mode noise.

 ➤Compact Footprint: Saves valuable space, ideal for data centers and other critical applications.

 ➤ High Quality Output: Delivers clean, stable power for sensitive equipment.

 ➤Mission Critical Applications: Perfect for data processing, telecommunications, industrial processes, security systems, and electro-medical equipment.



 ➤Power Range:

Three-Phase Output: 10 to 800kVA

Single-Phase Output: 10 to 100kVA (all with three-phase input)

 ➤HIP (High Input Performance) Option:

Available for models from 100kVA to 400kVA

IGBT-based rectifier for lower input harmonic distortion (THD) and unity input power factor.

 ➤ 12-Pulse Rectifier: Standard for models from 500kVA to 800kVA, further reducing input harmonic distortion.

newGEN Online UPS 20kVA to 40kVA by UTL: Key Features


 ➤ Double-conversion technology: Ensures clean, stable power by eliminating all mains supply  disturbances.

 ➤ Wide power range: Available in models from 20kVA to 40kVA, meeting diverse needs.

 ➤ Heavy load capable: Handles demanding applications like ACs, industrial motors, and pumps.

 ➤ Suitable for sensitive equipment: Protects critical infrastructure like medical life support systems.

 ➤ Three-phase input, single-phase output: Ideal for various electrical configurations.

We serve the following locations in Kerala:


➤ Changaramkulam
➤ Perempilavu
➤ Guruvayoor
➤ Chettuva
➤ Kuttippuram
➤ Edappal
➤ Kunnamkulam
➤ Chavakkad
➤ Amala Nagar
➤ Kechery
➤ Ponnani
➤ Eramangalam
➤ Edapazhiyoor


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