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Exide Tubular Batteries 

EXIDE IMTT1500 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery with 60*Month Warranty Tubular Inverter Battery  (150Ah)










Exide Inva Tubular IT500 (150 AH)


Warranty: 66 Months (48 Months Full Replacement + 18 Months Pro Rata)
Capacity: 150 AH
Type: Tubular Battery








AMARON CURRENT Tall Tubular Battery - AR150TN54 (AAM-CR-AR150TN54)

 Item Code AAM-CR-AR150TN54
 Model AR150TN54
 Product Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 500 X 188 X 343
 Voltage (V) 12
 Capacity @ C20 (AH) 150
 Backup Duration (min) 270
 Technology Tubular - Flooded
 Type Tall Tubular





SF ProTubular TT60S260 260Ah Tall Tubular Inverter Battery


 Bosh Tubular Batteries

 Usage : Inverter, Solar, Industrial, UPS,
 Voltage : 12 V, 12v, 12V, 12volts,
 Box type : N100 jumbo, N100,
 Capacity : 7.2 Ah, >150 Ah, 150 Ah, 7ah to 150Ah, 50-240 AH, 26Ah, 100 Ah,
 Features : These Tubular Batteries are known for their longer shelf life and require low maintenance.,
 Warranty : 1 month, 4 Year, 2 years, 1 year, 2 Year, 3 years, 6 months, 60 Months, 36+36 Months, 4 years, 3 Year,






SWITCH ON INTT3000 Inverter Battery

 TALL TUBULAR 150Ah - 36F+12P
 Longer lifespan thanks to extra-long tubular plates
 Best battery life with higher electrolyte levels
 Superfast charging with special additives
 Best backup technology from the house of GS YUASA
 Hassle-free performance Ultra-low maintenance







Exide Dynex DST1500 (150AH)

 Features of Exide Dynex DST1500 (150AH):
 Tall Tubular battery
 Applicable for both inverters and ups systems
 Excellent battery capacity
 Long power back up







Luminous ILST 10036

Dimensions (in cm) : 41 x 17.4 x 30.5

Filled Weight :  (+/- 5% kg)27

Capacity : 80Ah









Amaze 842ST Tubular Inverter Battery 100Ah

Brand : amaze
Power Source : Battery Powered
Model Name  : 842ST
Frequency : 50 Hz








Livfast MXTT2342 Tall Tubular 200AH/12V Battery with 42 Months Warranty

 Brand : Livfast
 Net Quantity : 1.00 count
 Voltage : 12 Volts
 Model Name : mxtt2342
 Item Dimensions : LxWxH 43.2 x 50.5 x 19 Centimeters
 Item Weight  : 35 Kilograms
 Battery Capacity : 200 Amp Hours






Looking for the best tubular batteries in Kunnamkulam? Compare prices and brands from top local dealers for your home, inverter, or solar needs. Find deep cycle, long-life batteries you can trust at unbeatable prices. Get free quotes & fast delivery in Kunnamkulam today!



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